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What is Growthbuilders?

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For companies

Are you looking to entering new market areas abroad? Do you have a business problem related to growth? Is your staff diverse enough for today’s global business challenges?


Get matched with international talents who can help you to achieve your goals!


Feeling frustrated looking for a job in Finland? Want to get your expertise, experience and skills noticed?


Turn your foreign background into an asset, partner with a Finnish company, prove your value and build your professional career and network in Finland.


Autumn 2019 cases

The application period is now closed. The program will take place from September 23rd to October 18th. Participants will be informed of the selection process soon. If you have any questions contact us.


For more information on each case company, click on the logo.


Smartmile is a tech company founded by three entrepreneurs who decided to change parcel delivery in cities and make urban delivery more sustainable. Smartmile provides an open and shared cloud platform and a fast-growing parcel terminal network that connects all couriers, consumers and retailers together. Our universal parcel service includes receiving, returning and sending all parcels from one location through our automated parcel machines. Smartmile's services are the solution for inefficient home delivery models, combining multiple pickup points for different online store purchases and couriers to one location, decreasing traffic and pollution in cities and creating happy customer experiences.  We share a passion to solve the challenges that parcel delivery is facing today and we're not giving up before our mission is complete. We currently operate in Finland, Germany and the Netherlands.

All Your Parcels From One Location


We have a growing user base that we want to change from "passive parcel pickers" into "amazed, active and engaged Smartmile customers". How to succeed in this? Well, that’s a battle to be won on many fronts. One which we haven’t yet explored but which we believe has potential is the creation of an outstanding loyalty program for our consumers. In this project we'd like you to work on creating an engaging app-based loyalty program for our consumers that adds value to the service, enhances the consumer experience and creates value and engages the user. We don’t expect you to create an app, that’s something we’re currently creating on our own, rather to envision the elements that could add this functionality into our app.


The project would include creating a wholesome plan for a loyalty program, answering to the following questions:

What can be offered in the Smartmile loyalty program? What drives people to use loyalty programs? What features would the loyalty program include? How do we engage our consumers through the loyalty program? What kind of resources and skills are needed to build and implement the loyalty program?


We are seeking for talents who are fun and relaxed yet full of ambition and who aren't afraid of hard work and challenges. We would like people who aren’t afraid to think out of the box and ask the question no one will dare, someone who can conduct market analysis and create new processes. Understanding of the consumer market and logistics is a big plus.

Augmented prospecting


A very traditional supplier of OEM power transmission components for ship thrusters, F1 cars, industrial gear boxes, stone crushers etc. We are the biggest company in the world in our own narrow field of spiral bevel gears. ATA uses significant amount of resources for developing mechanical drive technology together with universities and customers worldwide. For example, ATA has the biggest test rig of its kind in the world.


Meeting monthly sales goals requires a certain volume of activities: Calls, meetings, offers etc. Typically, in order to receive orders worth 1 million, it requires making offers worth 5 million. Easy on paper, but what if you don’t have enough known projects to offer to? Traditionally sales guys are required to start calling through leads and current customers. At ATA there are currently 170 active customers and over 1400 different customers that have ordered from ATA throughout the history. It is impossible to call all of them weekly.

Problem: How do we know who to contact, when our offer volumes are lacking?

Challenge: Develop an automated prospecting process which is easy to maintain, cost effective, scalable and works despite the language. This might require e.g. contacting existing customers and new leads or asking information from our colleagues, among other things. The process needs to be scale globally and for all major business languages.

customers are both private coaching companies and public services. In Finland we already have a customer base and its growing nicely. We are now looking for ways to expend abroad with a focus mainly on European countries such as Germany, France, Spain and others. For this we would need deeper understanding of the career coaching landscape and regulations in each country to be able to fit our service to each market's needs.


Business-savvy talents who aren’t afraid to challenge our current processes. People who can automate repetitive tasks that follow a decision-making logic. Talents who feel feeding the same input data into the process for the 3rd time is a waste of human resources.


Originally a spinoff from the Optoelectronics Research Center of the Tampere University Hervanta Campus, Nanofoot was founded in 2006. Nowadays we are a leading company in high power diode laser testing systems, providing testing and quality control solutions for all diode laser types. Our solutions range from individual devices to complete testing lines.

Diode laser value chain in automotive industry


Our customer base consists solely of high-power diode laser manufacturers. These manufacturers provide lasers to module manufacturers, which in time are provided to system manufacturers and then into OEM’s. Similarly, we’ve identified the importance of lasers in the automotive industry, with self-driving cars set to become increasingly relevant in the years to come as well as recent innovations in the form of laser headlights.


We would like to better understand the laser market of the future, with an emphasis in the automotive industry. We are interested in a market analysis (financials and sales volumes estimates e.g. 2019-2025) for entire value chain as well as for different operator levels:

  • High power diode laser (VCSELs / edge emitting) manufacturers

  • Module manufacturers (e.g. ToF sensor, headlights)

  • System manufacturers (e.g. LiDAR, headlights)


Which companies are supplying diode lasers to module and/or system manufacturers? What are their market shares?

Problem: How do we know who to contact, when our offer volumes are lacking?


We are looking for business talents who can conduct supply chain analyses. Experience or understanding of the laser and automotive industries is desired.


Radientum -- From Finland to international


Radientum is a world-class antenna design and testing company based in Tampere. We help our customers to develop superior antenna solutions for their wireless products. Our expertise covers a wide range of wireless technologies including WIFI, RFID, NFC, GNSS, Cellular, Bluetooth, NB-IoT and LoRa/Sigfox.

We offer:

  • Consultation on choosing and implementing off-the-shelf antennas and wireless technologies

  • Antenna integration and performance optimization

  • Custom antenna design and implementation

  • Wireless performance testing, measurement, and verification

  • Dielectric material measurement

Check us out on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube


One of the key challenges for us when going abroad is the lack of knowledge of the local market. This is due to language barrier, business culture, legislations and so on. Getting our name on the international market is challenging so we want to spread the word about us through local contacts who understand the market better than ourselves.

As part of our international growth, we are now looking for talent(s) who can help us to expand our business in the international market. Our primary interest is in Germany, The Netherlands, Spain and France, other European countries may be of interest as well.  The focus will be to understand the market needs, what channels are they using to find solutions for their problems and how to approach these potential companies in certain targeted countries. Additionally, we are looking for someone with expertise in digital marketing.


We are looking for talents with background in business/sales/marketing and who are interested in wireless and telecommunication industry and have knowledge of the countries mentioned above.


We are a Tampere based AI company that automates invoice processing in accounting. Our product is a SaaS platform which integrates into modern accounting software with the help of AI. We  save up to 95% of accountants’ time. Currently over 200 clients have their invoices processed by FabricAI.

FabricAI was founded in July 2018 by Jarkko and Juhani Tolvanen. In January 2019 Tuukka Seeslahti and Kaarle Putti joined the founding team. FabricAI closed its first investment round in July 2019 and hired first developer in August2019.

To learn more about us check out our pitchdeck

FabricAI – Help us bring the world of accounting into the 21st century.


Through strategic partnerships we’ve managed to get a strong foothold in the Finnish market, so we have identified our next steps. We are looking for knowledge in Swedish, Estonian and Norwegian accounting markets. Additionally we are also interested in Latina America, more specifically Brazil, Mexico and Chile as countries of interest. We want to build a contact network and to start our first pilot in the selected market.

Our main challenge is to conduct comprehensive market research and to identify relevant stakeholders of each target market. Our main goal is to start at least one pilot project with a foreign customer. Help us take our first footsteps abroad so that we may really bring the world of accounting into the 21st century


We are looking for talents with a background in SaaS business, familiarity and contact networks or knowledge from the accounting markets of the selected countries. Basic accounting knowledge seen as an advantage and sales experience is also a plus.


Help us make industrial batteries better


It is a little-known fact, but the life of industrial batteries is 30% shorter than it should, just because of human factor. We are a young startup who has developed IoT and cloud analytics solutions for industrial batteries to enable predictive battery maintenance and make the battery use more economical and environmentally friendly! Not only does our solution allow operators to utilize batteries to their full capacity, but monitoring and preventive maintenance reduces downtime as well. Our business activities are being developed in multiple industries across Europe - material handling, railway, golf & utility


We have conducted a large number of pilots and our solution is currently used by several customers, but it’s time for us to upscale our business. Our aim is to find potential customer prospects for Bamomas solution in Europe and if possible, set up the initial work in order to identify a suitable go to market strategy for a particular country. We are especially interested in large European markets such as Germany and UK, but we are open to other European countries. Parting from our existing work, we have preselected two main market segments for the project - golf and material handling. However, we are open to discovering other suitable markets if it plays to the strengths of the selected candidates.


In the case of golf, we have made important strides, we already have some existing contacts and material. We expect you to choose the right strategy and tools, utilize provided materials, create content, generate leads and find prospects. In regard to material handling, the efforts could start with a market analysis and if possible head towards lead generation and prospecting.


We are looking for people with expertise in business development, sales and marketing, lead generation and prospecting. Business experience from European countries is a plus, but we could consider other markets as well, especially countries with important logistics hubs.


Helping people understand their stress is the first step in managing it. We are a health tech startup, our solution – a combination of smart ring and app – helps you understand what triggers your stress and what makes you relax. This way you will find individual ways to manage your stress, to feel and perform better. We offer you the possibility to make better choices for your own wellbeing every day.

Moodmetric - Paving the way for global distribution


We have developed the ultimate way to manage stress, and it’s time to offer it to the whole world. We have successfully launched our product and managed to get traction in the local market, so now it’s time to take the next step. We have contacts from several counties from candidates that would like to become Moodmetric distributors and we are close to finalizing our first deal, so we would like to continue the same path.


In this project we hope to strengthen our activities towards larger scale distribution. Though we have made great efforts towards internationalization, we do not yet have any standardized procedure as to how to approach any given new market. We need to fine tune the process and create a model that can be applied to any country. Agreements, information material, slides, videos and marketing messages need to be created. We would like the talents to select a market and create a go-to market strategy, as the first steps into creating our standardized process. We have a special interest in the Asian market, but we are open to other markets as well.


We would like individuals with overall skills in sales and marketing. Experience in the health and wellness industry is appreciated. Experience in hardware distribution is a big plus. We want talents who are (positively) stubborn, who aren’t afraid to bump into a wall and try the next thing.

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